Digital Transformaion By Coronavirus

FOCUS, DELL, ACCENTURE, EY, PWC, KPMG, DELOITTE, TCS, WIPRO, COGNIZANT, CAPGEMINI and Many more companies always spoked about Digital Transformation but there were reluctant and skepticism. When Coronavirus came its completely changed the way we work. ZOOM, SKYPE, GOOGLE MEET, WEBEX, MICROSOFT MEET, SALESFORCE, WORKDAY all in force now and remote working is the thing now and overnight office work is become the thing of the past. I was spaeking to many Chairman, Founders and CEO and Directors, they are saying this is a big game changer and most of them continue to do the same even after COVID Lockdown. BP, Shell, Banks and many large organisation found the new realism they are saying its time to sell the real estate and move on to the new way of working. What do you think?