Banking AnyWhere, Anytime

Mobile apps seem to be the go-to Banking channel. Payments, Onboarding, and even Advertising takes a mobile-first appraoch

We support Branch banking, Online Web Application and Mobile App with a Single Banking Card.

FOCUS SMART PIN This integrated service securely issues PINs via SMS, APP, WEB and IVR. The digital formats supported make Smart PIN an omni-channel service allowing issuers to reach 100% of their consumers with both options: PIN selection or delivery

FOCUS SMART INSERT – The financial industry is going digital. With many historical services already digitized, the world of paperless banking is nearly here. FOCUS SMART Inserts Service (SIS) allows issuers to take their digital initiative a step further by making their inserts available electronically.

FOCUS SMART CARD This integrated hardware and software solution combines our expertise in card issuance and our experience in managing services. In addition, with our credential engine and printers, we deliver a suite of services for customer onboarding, PIN code management and issuing digital versions of freshly issued cards for any digital wallet.

FOCUS ID proofing, anytime, anywhere, and on any device, combining:
– Capture of biometrics and personal user data through multiple channels (via the user’s mobile, remotely assisted by agent, in-branch)
– Built-in Focus Global ID verification capabilities (ID document, biometrics, AI Based Verification, counter-fraud checks, Identity verification process adaptable to specific local regulations, Fast and friendly user experience, Privacy by design

FOCUS OPEN ID – offers an innovative cloud authentication method,

FOCUS ESIGN – Our solutions allow users to commit to a contract and guarantee the integrity of that commitment through a digital signature function. It also generates enforceable proof that can be used in the event of a dispute.